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  Code Of Ethics ::.


The Code of Ethics provides a framework regarding acceptable and appropriate practices for our employees and other stakeholders. We periodically review our code of ethics to ensure relevancy as the Group grows and confronts new business issues in the regions and industries which we operate. The Code includes disciplinary measures clearly mentioned in the Code of Discipline.


Ethical principles are spelled out and documented in these procedures under the following headings:

  •          Time and resource utilization at the companies,
  •          Relations with customers and subcontractors, suppliers of goods and other companies and individuals with whom the company has commercial relations,
  •          The acceptance of gifts, invites, aid and donations,
  •          Relations with the media,
  •          Actions that will result in a conflict of interest,

Safeguarding of information pertaining to the companies, personal information, professional misconduct, security and harassment.

Ethical Principles are available on the Group's intranet and can be accessed by all members of the staff. In addition, all group companies also have their own 'Ethical Principles' booklets and related regulations.


Our quality policy; product quality, customer satisfaction, technology monitoring, training and team spirit, continuous improvement, is founded on ethical and environmental sensitivity.



Our principle is that our products comply with national and international standards.



The first principle is to satisfy our customers with our products and services.



We're watching the technological developments for world-class service and product quality.


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